Saturday, March 16, 2013

Newly created stained glass window. 2nd version of cherry blossom.

This has been my main focus for a few weeks. I am very pleased it how it turned out. It was quite a process! I have a few pictures of the process below.


Pink glass for the flowers. These two are specialized Kokomo and Bullseye that contain bits of gold to create the tones....

Begging to cut out pattern pieces of the green muffle glass.
Starting to place pieces onto design. Each piece is numbered and there are 300 pieces to this window.
Using my awesome grinder to finely shape each piece.
Fitting each piece onto the design.
After all the pieces are ground, I then apply copper foiling to the edges. This will help bind the glass with lead solder. Extra support is provided by strong copper strips along main lines.
Zinc framing is attached.

Close up of glass with basic solder

Close up of glass with leaded bead work.

Then the last step is adding a black patina to the lead and doing a thorough cleaning of the window. Hours and hours of work. But truly amazing results!


  1. wow, that looks awesome and seem to have been a lot of work, well done.

  2. Hello Tina:) This absolutely is amazing. I really really find this beautiful. And a lot of work!! But then again: the result is perfect. Thanks for sharing the photo's. Very interesting!!

  3. Thank you all for visiting and the wonderfully supportive comments. I really put a lot into this piece and it is hard to let it go for my client. I always feel an attachment to what I create. But I am happy to share it with others too. It goes to its new home next week.

  4. Super,Tina...
    Someday i try it,with a little help from ....Tina?

  5. super,Tina
    Someday i will try it ...