Thursday, April 12, 2012

Figure using iPad Paper app

My husband gave me an iPad for my birthday. I have been trying to get used to using it and that includes having to learn new tools for uploading to this blog! Finally, I think I have it figured out. He also encouraged me to try using an app, called Paper, to experiment with during my figure drawing sessions. Here is the outcome of that. I enjoy the freedom of using such a simple app and the painting is cool. But I tend to draw bigger and I find the size of the screen is a bit small to work with. Perhaps if the stylus had more of a finer point it would be a bit easier for me to use. I like using the real paints, brushes and papers. This is perfect for making quick sketches while being out in places where it may be harder to take the real gear. Plus I think this is a great tool for sketching ideas while exploring the concept for new work. I am so blown away by technology.



  1. That turned out really cool! I downloaded this ap, but seriously I am a 4 year-old with smudgy fingers. ;-)


  2. Wow Tina, deep respect. I don't understand a thing about I-pads and the rest of those new things. Great job!